The best Dash Cam in 2019: protect yourself and your car

What is a Dash Cam?

You might be asking yourself, “ What is a Dash Cam?”. The simple answer is a car security camera which protects your vehicle in a similar way CCTV protects a building. A Dash Cam sticks to your vehicle’s windscreen (not dashboard!) and records all your journeys. In the unfortunate case of an incident the footage recorded on the Dash Cam can be used as evidence to send to your insurer, in a court case or sent to the police if necessary. With Dash Cam footage as evidence you could save your No Claims Bonus and win your insurance claim!

Have you considered upgrading your old Dash Cam?

Something worth mentioning is that Dash Cam technology is evolving rapidly, if you have an older Dash Cam model, maybe consider upgrading to a Dash Cam that satisfies all your needs. For example, the latest range of Nextbase Dash Cams have features both for safety and practicality, some of which no other Dash Cam on the market has. Just some of the features are GPS, Emergency SOS, Alexa, Parking Mode, and many more.

Dash Cam: the advice

The two main questions to consider are: what features are a must have and what is your price range? With a wide range of Dash Cams on the market there has never been more choice, some Dash Cams turn on and off with the vehicle, some can be hooked up to a rear-facing camera, some can act based on your voice commands and others can record even when your car is turned off if someone bumps you. See below an overview of the feature-filled award-winning Nextbase 522GW.

Feature-filled Nextbase 522GW

At 1440p the footage is crisp and clear, the 522GW can record two files simultaneously one high resolution and one low resolution, great for when you want a smaller file able to download quicker. With a 140 o viewing angle, meaning you can capture more detail, including pavements and road signs. Our research has discovered 140o to be the sweet spot, any larger viewing angle distorts the image. The 522GW is revolutionary in the Dash Cam industry, it is the first Dash Cam with Alexa integration, you can now ask your Dash Cam to play music, read the news, make a call, protect a file, and much more. The 522GW is also the first Dash Cam that could save your life, Emergency SOS will call the emergency services if you have had a crash and are unresponsive. It can even let them know your location, blood type, allergies and other medical history. This potentially life-saving feature makes the 522GW hard to beat.

  RRP Resolution Viewing Angle G-Sensor GPS Mobile App Alexa Emergency SOS Mount Rear Camera Price
Nextbase 522GW £149 1440p 140o Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Sunction & Adhesive £49

Accessories you may need

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