Dash Cams: UK Buyers Guide

This guide is designed to walk you through any questions you may have around buying a dash cam, as well as give you an idea of which is the best buy for your budget.  

What is the best dash cam to buy?

The best  dash cam to buy is one which offers the maximum amount of safety features to provide constant protection for you and your vehicle. While all dash cams offer recording of the road ahead as a basic function, the best wrap in so much more, from higher resolution capture for top quality footage, to a range of smart features including locators and automatic SOS calls if needed.

For a best-in-class dash cam, we recommend Nextbase’s premium 622GW model, which has won multiple best dash cam awards and is the most in demand in the world today. Rated highly by reviewers as well as motorists, it is the most accurate and powerful dash cam currently on the market and features the highest video quality available, at 4K resolution. Its raft of features also includes industry-leading accuracy and power, as well as a host of driver aids and functions to make life on the road safer. These include world-class features such as image stabilisation, which reduces blurring and makes it easier to capture fine detail such as licence plates and road signs around the vehicle, as well as What3Words cutting-edge locator technology, which can track your car’s location to within 3m 2 anywhere on the planet so you can share it with the emergency services or loved ones, even without a data connection.

A dash cam is always an excellent investment, serving as a form of CCTV for drivers and providing additional safety features in case of a serious accident, getting lost, or needing to provide important proof of no fault to an insurance company. The 622GW does all this, and more, in style.

Best Dash Cams

What is the best dash cam for the price?

The best dash cam for the price is the 522GW, which is the most popular model Nextbase sells, and which also comes with a full suite of safety and driver aid features.

Featuring stunning quality 1440p HD recording as a key attraction, which provides crystal clear images, it also has a wealth of additional features such as Emergency SOS, which can automatically alert the emergency services in the event of an accident if no motion is detected – potentially saving lives. The 522GW also brings home comforts and functionality to the car with built-in Alexa which enables in-car voice commands for everything from asking for directions, finding parking or making calls to playing music and checking the weather.

Other extra enhancing features also include integral GPS to guarantee accurate speed and location data with the aid of Google Maps, as well as Quicklink Wi-Fi which enables easy downloading and sharing of high-quality video footage to a smartphone or tablet in the event of an accident or incident via an easy-to-use app. The 522GW model is also compatible with rear cameras, helping enable full surround protection if desired.

What is the best affordable dash cam?

The 322GW model is the most affordable dash cam in our range, providing many of the features also present in our top-of-the-range models, such as high-quality image recording, GPS functionality which measures speed and location accurately, Emergency SOS calling to alert first responders to your location in the event of an accident and Wi-Fi, but all wrapped up in a lower price tag. So it’s no huge surprise to find that the 322GW is consistently one of our most popular models.

Is it worth buying a dash cam?

Yes, it is worth buying a dash cam, for many reasons. Many insurers now routinely offer discounts to dash cam users, because they are viewed as safer drivers and therefore a low insurance risk. These discounts can be over 30 per cent off the usual premium price – a significant saving which in itself can often cover the purchase price in full. And as this saving can be made year on year, buying a dash cam could mean potentially saving thousands of pounds in the long run.

Very importantly, dash cams also act as an independent witness in case of an accident, or if someone bumps into you. The high-quality video footage they capture can be easily downloaded and shared with your insurance company or the police as evidence to help you prove you were not at fault.

All of these financial and safety reasons, combined with the additional layer of protection and peace of mind they offer to drivers, help explain why dash cams are one of the fastest growing areas of technology today, with more and more drivers becoming switched on to the wealth of benefits they provide and realising how much better off they would be with one fitted.

522GW Dash Cam

Is a dash cam worth the money?

Yes, a dash cam is worth the money. For a relatively small investment starting at just £69 they offer a return running into thousands of pounds thanks to lowering your insurance premium each year, enabling you to prove your innocence conclusively in the case of an accident or fraudulent claim and helping protect your no-claims bonus.

Models fitted with emergency SOS or location features can also help emergency services find you in the event of an accident. For the myriad safety as well as financial benefits a dash cam brings, they are quite simply worth every penny and are one of the best investments any driver can make. And with a variety of products and prices available, they are more accessible to every motorist than ever before.

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