Renewed Dashcams

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Renewed Dashcams

Renewed Dash Cams

Our certified renewed products have been expertly reviewed and renewed in-house by our own skilled technicians. A renewed product may come from when a customer has changed their mind, or the product was used as a demonstration for example. The product is then put through a refurbishing process, with the battery replaced, if required and the software updated. These items go through our final quality control check before being re-sold and are covered by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

What goes into a Nextbase Renewed Dash Cam?

622GW Renewed

Sold out

Share your precise location in an accident. 4K image quality and image stabilization means you’ll capture every detail.








" You have the best Dash Cam in existence"


T3 Awards - Nextbase 622GW

Auto Express Awards - Best DashCam Awards 2021 - Nextbase 622GW

Sieger 2021 - Nextbase 622GW

Best Buy 2024 – Nextbase 622GW

EISA Award Nextbase 622GW

522GW Renewed

Sold out

A 3-inch touch screen and a built-in polarizing filter to reduce glare make the 522GW easy to use—and easy on the eyes.


" Packed with features and boasting 1440p HD recording, the 522GW is a worthy winner of our best buy"

-Indy Best Buy 2021

T3 Awards 2019-Nextbase 522GW
Wirecutter Product Award–Nextbase 522GW
Forbes Best Dash Cam for 2019
Honest John Product Of The Year 2019
GStyle Magazine Product Award–Nextbase 522GW

422GW Renewed

Sold out

Use Alexa Voice to get directions, play your favorite tunes, or even control your Dash Cam. With 1440p HD recording and a 6-layer lens, the 422GW captures it all.

"At the top of the dash cam food chain at the moment."

-PC World Magazine

Computer Bild Testsieger - Nextbase 422GW

322GW Renewed

Sold out

The 322GW has WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS so it’s easy to connect, download files to your phone, and keep track of where you are.



"It's a great multipurpose model."

-Best Buy Which? Awards

Best Buy 2024 – Nextbase 322GW

Sieger 2021 - Nextbase 322GW

Trusted Reviews 2023 - Nextbase 322GW

222 Renewed

Sold out

Capture sharp, clear 1080p HD images while you’re driving. Intelligent Parking Mode kicks in to keep you protected while you’re stopped.

122 Renewed

Sold out

Feel protected on the road. The 122 packs a mighty HD punch at an affordable price that’s great for first-time drivers.

Sold out

Our most popular option, Pair it with your Dash Cam to create a front and rear dash cam and know you have all the angles covered.

Sold out

This camera connects directly to your Dash Cam and records the rear view of your journey, so if there's a rear impact, you'll be covered.

Sold out

Capture vehicles beside you as well as your passengers for a complete view of everything that happends inside and around your car.